5.1 Basic principles of the compensation system

5.1.1 Board of Directors

Based on a proposal by the Compensation and Nomination Committee, the Board of Directors determines once a year at its year-end meeting the level of compensation paid to its members on the basis of their activities and responsibilities, while taking due account of prevailing market and industry levels. The comparative group includes swiss and german listed companies of a similar size in the automotive supplier industry which do business with their own manufacturing plants in the most important production markets. If necessary, the Compensation and Nomination Committee will consult external advisers.

5.1.2 Group Management

The Compensation and Nomination Committee determines all components of the compensation paid to the CEO on the basis of the contractual agreement. For the other members of Group Management, the Compensation and Nomination Committee makes its decision following proposals submitted by the CEO on the basis of the respective contractual agreements. This is reported to the Board of Directors at its regular meeting at the end of each year. Where necessary, external advisers are consulted when determining the compensation and stock option plans for Group Management. The members of executive management were not present at the meetings where their remuneration was discussed.

If required, Feintool commissions an external consulting firm to review Group Management’s compensation in comparison with the external labor market. The peer group comprises swiss and german listed industrial companies with a similar size, with a focus on automotive suppliers, which do business with their own manufacturing plants in the most important production markets. The comparison includes basic, overall and direct compensation as well as selected fringe benefits (occupational pension, company car and lump-sum expenses).

5.2 Elements of the compensation system

5.2.1 Board of Directors

The compensation paid to members of the Board of Directors consists of a fixed component plus the lump-sum reimbursement of expenses and an attendance fee. Members of the various committees are reimbursed individually with a fixed component and an attendance fee. If meetings of the Board of Directors and the various committees take place immediately after each other, the attendance fee is paid only once.

Compensation paid to the Chairman of the Board of Directors is based on a fixed proportion of their salary (fixed component). Depending on the company’s financial performance, the Chairman also receives a free shares in Feintool International Holding AG. These shares are locked in for a specified period. The economic development is measured by the operating earnings (EBIT).

5.2.2 Group Management

The compensation paid to Group Management is based on a fixed proportion of each individual’s salary (fixed component). In addition, the amount of compensation is determined directly by the attainment of targets and performance of each member of Group Management, as well as the financial performance of the company (variable component). The performance-related bonus is determined on the basis of operating results (EBIT) and the degree to which annually agreed individual objectives have been achieved. The bonus for the CEO is entirely calculated according to the EBIT of the Feintool Group. For the CFO, the ratio of operational to personal objectives is approximately 70:30. The variable compensation component paid to the members of Group Management is between 30 % and 70 % of the fixed salary component.

Members of Group Management receive part of their fixed compensation in the form of shares, which are locked in on a staggered basis for up to four years. Details are set out in the “Regulations for the issue of employee shares and options to members of the Board of Directors and Senior Executives,” as issued by the Board of Directors in 2005.

Members of Group Management also receive customary fringe benefits (company car, risk insurance and retirement, management insurance cover and voluntary insurance).

5.3 Statutory regulations regarding compensation

Article 18 of the Articles of Association constitutes the statutory basis for remuneration. The Articles of Association are available on Statuten_Nach_KE_20180919_EN.pdf.

5.4 Compensation for acting members of governing bodies

Full details of the effective compensation can be found on the Remuneration Report.

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