Human Resources

In 2018, Feintool had almost 2 700 employees worldwide. The Group owes its success to their knowledge and skills. This made the big response and detailed feedback from the group-wide employee survey all the more gratifying. The results will help us become even better together.

Employees identify with Feintool

In the reporting period, Feintool again conducted a worldwide employee survey, for the first time together with the “Great Place to Work” institute. With a participation rate of over 70 %, the survey did very well compared to previous years. This shows how committed and willing the workforce is to develop the company further with their ideas and suggestions.

The survey results are positive overall – despite the challenge of addressing the entire group with its 16 companies and their specific environment in a single questionnaire. Especially, the topics of “Safety at work” and “Identification with Feintool and the corporate philosophy” were rated highly. Employees saw potential for improvement in management communication and transparency. The evaluated results were then presented to the managers and measures derived from them in local teams. These will be implemented in the coming months.

Focus on further education and training

In order to develop employees both professionally and personally, training courses are held worldwide on the basis of annual training plans and training needs are individually identified in staff appraisals. The training courses impart job-specific knowledge, leadership skills and knowledge of environmental protection, occupational health and safety. These range from legally required training courses such as forklift and crane training to management skills training.

Integrated training further supported

Feintool relies on the integrated education system (dual-system) for its training – consisting of theoretical training at external institutions and hands-on experience in the Feintool companies. Not only in Europe, where this model is widespread, but also in the US and China. Together with the Chein-Sung Institute of Technology in Taicang, China, Feintool has been training press and grinding machine operators and toolmakers since 2017. At its US plants, Feintool also works closely with local technical schools to train mechanical engineers.

In Europe, 14 apprentices completed their training in 2018. A prospective specialist in Obertshausen was ­distinguished as the best toolmaker in the Offenbach IHK district.

In addition, the plants in Obertshausen, Ohrdruf and Ettlingen have offered an integrated course of study in ­mechanical engineering since 2015. After three years of training, we have been able to notch up the first successes: In mid-2018, the first mechanical engineering student in Ettlingen successfully completed her integrated degree. At the same time, she is a good role model for future female students and trainees. Feintool would like to encourage more female applicants to complete technical apprenticeships and degree courses.

Focusing on young talent

Feintool carries out a wide range of measures worldwide in order to meet the demand for future young specialists and to position itself for the future with the best possible knowledge and talent. The company advertises at schools, participates in exhibitions, organizes open-house days and enters into cooperation agreements. For example, the Jena plant in Germany is participating for the fourth time in the “College on Tour” initiative organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry East Thuringia at Gera. During a project day at the company, interested schoolchildren were able to find out about the tool-making profession.

Exchange of knowledge in teamwork

Thanks to its worldwide presence, Feintool benefits from the diversity of its employees. People with different cultural and professional backgrounds, approaches, ideas, working methods and skills work together at our plants on all continents. This diversity offers great potential. In 2018, Feintool therefore continued to promote worldwide exchange and knowledge and experience transfer within its workforce.

One impressive example was the integration of the latest Feintool System Parts plant in Jessen, Germany. The new employees were integrated within a few months of Feintool taking over Stanz- und Lasertechnik Jessen GmbH. This was ensured by a project team comprising staff from Sales and Purchasing, Technology and Production, HR and Communications: Small groups from all areas of the company worked on integrating the new colleagues into the Feintool world as quickly as possible. In return, the first training courses have already been held for Feintool employees on the subject of e-sheet metal stamping. The knowledge transfer has been initiated and will continue to be supported in the coming months.

The new fineblanking plant in Most (Czech Republic) has also been successfully established thanks to the experience and technical expertise of other locations. Here, too, a Feintool project team ensured that everything from recruitment and the installation of the new equipment to several weeks of specialist fineblanking training for employees on site and abroad was carried out quickly and in the spirit of a best-practice model.