As a globally active, specialized supplier for the automotive industry, Feintool also plays an important role in the global supply chain from an environmental point of view. For this reason, the Group is making its contribution to reducing CO2 emissions from vehicles and increasing energy efficiency.

Feintool's competitiveness depends, among other things, on how the Group responds to the trend towards reducing CO2 in its largest customer group, the automotive industry. This will continue to affect the industry, due to an increase in environmental awareness among consumers and political initiatives. In Germany, for example, 51.94 percent of con-sumers in 2017 regarded low CO2 emissions as an important or very important criterion for purchasing a car. The results of the 2018 Consumption and Media Analysis (Verbrauchs- und Medienanalyse, VuMA) are slightly above the previous year. The environmental awareness of consumers in the US is also rising: According to the market research institute Nielsen Scarborough, 35.48 million people said in the spring of 2017 that they would spend more money on environ-mentally friendly products and services; that is 2.75 million more than in the spring of 2011. The social sentiment is also reflected in politics: In the European Union, there is a CO2 upper limit for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles, which is currently 130 g CO2/km on average for new cars. This value will be reduced to 95 g CO2/km in 2020.

Role in the automotive industry

As a result, passenger cars are subject to lasting changes, for example, by making use of smaller and lighter com-ponents or increasingly producing vehicles with hybrid drive systems. Feintool offers the right technologies to produce the required components precisely and economically. This is done in such a waythat the natural resources for the production processes, products and services are used as carefully and prudently as possible, and always in a way that reduces the consumption of raw materials. This is because 20% of CO2 emissions in a car's life are already generated during production – before it has even traveled one mile. As a specialized supplier of leading OEMs on all continents, Feintool therefore plays a special role in the global supply chain from an environmental point of view. The company is aware of its responsibility and is committed to fulfilling it conscientiously.

Carbon disclosure project

Feintool has already significantly reduced its own energy requirements and CO2 emissions in recent years and is con-stantly initiating new projects to this end. The Group regularly shares its environmental data with the International Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). Feintool supports the CDP in creating the world's largest database on climate-damaging greenhouse gas emissions and water consumption. This source of information is used by Feintool itself to compare progress against other companies, identify further cost savings potential and develop strategies to control and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

All companies in the Feintool Group are certified according to the international environmental management standard ISO 14001:2004; the German locations are also certified for their energy management according to the standard ISO 50001. Each location is personally responsible for developing their environmental managemen furthert. This is in line with the company's guidelines.

Code of Conduct

The conduct of all employees is crucial for the company's reputation as well as for the trust placed in Feintool by customers, suppliers, business partners, shareholders and the public. In order to meet the expectations of all these stakeholders and to create a responsible and sincere corporate culture, Feintool has formulated a code of conduct. These binding guidelines are valid throughout the Group and can be viewed publicly at Feintool trains all employees regularly to ensure that the code of conduct is anchored in their awareness and adhered to. All these activities serve one goal: to actively ensure Feintool's responsibility for the environment and society.