Human Resources

Feintool owes its success primarily to its employees, whose numbers have risen as a result of the company's growth in 2017. In order to take advantage of the diversity of the globally present Group, Feintool again relied on the deployment of staff and the transfer of know-how between locations in the past year. Feintool also introduced the dual training system in China.

Financial year 2017 was also characterized by strategic investments in China and the Czech Republic, which will further strengthen Feintool's competitiveness. These expansions are one of the main reasons for the growth of the Group's workforce. At the end of 2017, Feintool employed 2,485 people – 10.9 percent more than at this time last year.

Focus on dual training

Since Feintool's success depends primarily on the skills of its employees, the Group continued to promote excellent training and professional development in 2017. In training, Feintool relies on the dual system, which is an apprenticeship consisting of theory at an external educational institution and practical experience in Feintool companies. This model has also been introduced by Feintool in China in 2017, where the dual system is still relatively uncommon compared to Switzerland. The company has entered into a partnership with the Chein-Sung Institute of Technology in Taicang to train press and grinding machine operators and toolmakers. Feintool is also expanding its training activities at other locations worldwide: In the course of the modernization of the press building in Jona, Switzerland, the company introduced two new training spots for "Automatiker EFZ" [Automation Engineer – Basic Training] in 2019. The German plants in Obertshausen and Ohrdruf were honored by the Offenbach Regional Chamber of Industry and Commerce for their commitment to training. The first mechanical engineering student is expected to complete her dual degree at the Ettlingen location in Germany in mid-2018. The dual degree course in mechanical engineering was offered there for the first time in 2015.

Positioning as an attractive employer

In order to meet the demand for skilled workers, Feintool is presenting itself as an attractive employer at trade fairs and other events. The Obertshausen and Ohrdruf locations have been using a new trade fair booth for this purpose since September 2017. The Jena location was involved in the "College on Tour" initiative of the East Thuringia Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Gera for the third time. Here, young people find out which occupations suit them and es-tablish contacts with companies. At Feintool, nine students tried out apprenticeships, and many more were able to submit applications for internships, holiday jobs or training.

Continuous professional development

Just as important as training is the professional development of employees. In order to develop them professionally and personally, training courses are held worldwide on the basis of annual training plans and individually identified professional development needs arising from the performance reviews. The training courses impart job-specific knowledge, leadership skills and knowledge on environmental protection, occupational health and safety.

Success thanks to diversity

Thanks to its worldwide presence, Feintool also benefits from the diversity of its employees. People with different cultural and professional backgrounds, approaches, ideas, working methods and competencies work together at the locations on all continents. This diversity results in great potential. In 2017 Feintool therefore continued to promote worldwide exchange and know-how transfer within its workforce. Future employees of the new Most (Czech Republic) location were trained and given orientation at the German Feintool plants in Jena and Oelsnitz. Employees from Ger-many and Japan also went to China to help build the new plant in Tianjin and support the existing production facilities in Taicang. Most deployments of staff are planned for multiple years in order to achieve a lasting effect.

Employee satisfaction

Employee satisfaction plays an important role for Feintool. The results of the 2016 employee survey therefore led to numerous measures at the locations last year. These include, for example, management training at the Jena, Obert-shausen and Ohrdruf plants in Germany, a shift plan tailored to the needs of employees in Ettlingen, a family day, a career development program for young employees in Taicang, China, and a program to honor the special achievements of individual employees in the US. A worldwide satisfaction survey by the "Great Place to Work" Institute is planned for 2018.