Annual Report 2016


1.1 Group structure

1.1.1 Operational Group structure

Feintool's operational management structure can be found in the diagram on the previous page.

The division of responsibilities between the Board of Directors, CEO and Group Management is explained in section 3.6. Further information, such as the current Articles of Association for the Feintool Group, can be found online at www.feintool.com/en/company/corporate-governance.html.

1.1.2 Listed company

Name and registered office: Feintool International Holding AG, 3250 Lyss (Switzerland)
Place of listing: SIX Swiss Exchange
Swiss security no.: 932009
ISIN: CH0009320091
Telekurs: FTON
Reuters: FTONn.S
Stock market capitalization: CHF 487 356 433 (as at December 31, 2016)
Key share prices in 2016 financial year:
Highest 10/07, 10/06/2016 CHF 129.00
Lowest 02/11/2016 CHF 72.40
Closing price 12/31/2016 CHF 109.20

With 1 075 shareholders (previous year 1 012), the number of shareholders hardly changed over the last twelve months. As of December 31, 2016, the free float remained unchanged at 26.9 % (previous year 26.9 %)

More information on Feintool shares is available on our website at www.feintool.com/en/company/investor-relations/shares.html.

No subsidiary companies are listed.

1.1.3 Unlisted companies

The unlisted subsidiaries that are included in the scope of consolidation of Feintool International Holding AG are listed on page 86.

1.2 Major shareholders

Name Percentage ownership of total equity
Artemis Beteiligungen I AG and Michael Pieper 50.32 %
Muhr und Bender KG and Dr. Thomas Muhr 1) 13.81 %
Geocent AG 8.97 %

1)Held by a subsidiary of Muhr und Bender KG and Dr. Thomas Muhr Beteiligungs AG.

No disclosures of interest were made in accordance with Article 120 of the Swiss Financial Markets Infrastructure Act (FinfraG) during the reporting period.

1.3 Cross-shareholdings

Feintool International Holding AG does not have any cross-shareholdings.